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4 Atlanta Neighborhoods that are Great to Buy Homes In

If you’re interested in selling your current property in order to move to another neighborhood in Atlanta, you are in good company because tons of people are doing just that! Atlanta is full of thriving neighborhoods to eat, sleep, work, and play; here are four Atlanta neighborhoods that are great to buy homes in.

1. Garden Hills
This historic neighborhood located in the heart of Buckhead features winding tree-lined streets, landscaped traffic islands, and an eclectic mix of homes. With a median sale price of $594,500, Garden Hills is on the pricier side, but as its year-over-year growth continues to rise, real estate agents continue to see significant interest from homebuyers.

2. West End
Located southwest of Downtown Atlanta, with average home prices of $281,300, West End features historic homes, diverse occupants, and major upcoming development projects, including the $300 million mixed-use redevelopment of the West End Mall, which is slated to offer affordable housing, retail, office space, and a hotel. When you add the neighborhood’s proximity to the MARTA public transit system, as well as the immensely popular Atlanta BeltLine, you can see why the West End’s stock continues to rise.

3. Bankhead
Head west of Midtown near Georgia Tech and you’ll find Bankhead, a neighborhood that, until recently, has not had much development invested in it. However, with several big ticket developments heading that way in the coming years, the tides are swiftly turning. Keep an eye on the Bellwood Quarry, which is being transformed into a massive 280-acre park named Westside Park; once complete, it’ll be Atlanta’s largest park. Between these and other developments, access to MARTA transit, the Atlanta Beltline Westside Trail, and Bankhead’s proximity to Downtown, Atlantic Station, and Midtown, Bankhead is an area that you should not sleep on!

4. Pittsburgh
Located southwest of Downtown Atlanta, Pittsburgh is an up-and-coming neighborhood that has a dicey past. Gentrification is changing some of that culture, so if you are interested in keeping an eye on this area, it may pay off. Recent investments include the 31-acre Pittsburgh Yards adaptive reuse project which will one day border the Southside Beltline Trail. The project will feature commercial industrial space, office space, storage, and retail along the Atlanta Beltline. The rise in property values in this area are signaling solid interest and desirability.

Atlanta is filled with great neighborhoods to invest in. If you’re looking to sell your home so you can get a property in one of these popular neighborhoods, RESource Atlanta can help you do just that! Call us today: 404-620-3110.

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