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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my home be listed on the MLS or will you be buying it?

RESource Atlanta is a professional homebuying company, meaning we don’t list houses as we aren’t realtors. If you have a property in Atlanta that meets our buying criteria, we will purchase it.

We may upgrade the home to sell it to a buyer or rent it out to a tenant

Do you purchase properties at a fair price?

The properties we purchase tend to be below market value. Many sellers appreciate the speed at which their properties are sold because of our quick closing time. Added to that, we don’t require sellers to renovate their properties prior to us purchasing the property, so all-in-all, we do offer fair prices.

Added to that, we’re open to negotiation to reach a price that satisfies all parties involved. We also have a no-obligation pricing commitment, meaning you aren’t forced to follow through on our offer should you contact us for a quote.

What factors determine the selling price of my home?

The factors we consider when determining the price we’re willing to pay for a property include location, the current condition of the property, whether repairs are needed or not and the average selling price for similar properties in the area.

We may use other factors as well in our pricing to come up with a figure that benefits both of us.

Do you charge any fees or commission?

We don’t charge any fees or commission, which differentiates us from the traditional real estate model of selling a home. After you contact us for a quote, we’ll send you an offer. Sometimes we pay for closing costs too.

What makes you different from a realtor?

Unlike realtors, we don’t list your property in hopes that a potential buyer will show interest. We buy the property ourselves and you walk away with cash. Selling a property through a realtor not only involves 3 to 6% commission (which we don’t charge at all), but it may also take 6 to 12 months to sell. On the other hand, due to the fact that we’re buying cash, the sale can take a couple of days. Our service is perfect for those looking to sell their property quickly.

Am I obligated to follow through on your offer after I submit my information?

We work on a no-obligation basis. This means even after submitting your information and receiving a response from us, you aren’t forced to follow through and sell your property to us. It’s all up to you if you’d like to proceed with the process or not.

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